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The following is a sampling of questions from our Science 8 testbank.

Plant Growth

The amount of air that soil holds can be increased by
  1. adding vermiculite.
  2. adding fertilizer.
  3. cultivating.
  4. watering less often.
At night garden plants get their energy
  1. from water in the soil.
  2. by the process of photosynthesis.
  3. from minerals in the soil.
  4. from sugar stored in the cells.
The proportion of soil that consists of solid matter is
  1. 25 %.
  2. 50 %.
  3. 75 %.
  4. 95 %.
A farmer grows a crop of clover and when it is in full bloom he plows it under the soil. His purpose in doing this is to increase
  1. the amount of pollination.
  2. rates of vegetative reproduction.
  3. seed viability.
  4. amount of organic matter in the soil.
In the spring time many people suffer allergies from a part of a plant which contains a cell important in reproduction. This cell is the
  1. egg.
  2. sperm.
  3. zygote.
  4. embryo.

Matter & Mixtures

Use the following information to answer questions # 25 - 29.

The graph shows the solubility, in grams, of four different salts in 100 mL of water, at a variety of different Celsius temperatures.

Approximately how many grams of NaClO3 will dissolve in water at 40oC?
  1. 70
  2. 100
  3. 115
  4. 125
Which of the following is most soluble in water at 60oC?
  1. NaCl
  2. KClO3
  3. KCl
  4. KNO3

Use the following information to answer questions # 47 - 50.

Many Canadian cities spread a sand and salt mixture on icy streets during the winter time.

The reason for including sand in this mixture is to
  1. mix with the salt in order to form a solution.
  2. allow the possibility of more friction with vehicle tires.
  3. lower the melting point of the ice.
  4. prevent corrosion of trucks and other spreading equipment which salt would cause.
Which of the following snacks contains at least one pure substance, one mechanical mixture and one solution?
  1. a glass of cola drink, some chicken nuggets, a tossed salad and a chocolate cookie
  2. a glass of orange juice, a tomato and mayonnaise sandwich, and a small dish of vanilla ice-cream
  3. a bowl of mushroom soup, a dish of tossed salad with French dressing, a glass of distilled water and a glass of ginger ale
  4. a glass of distilled water, a muffin, and a half dozen jujubes
The first step in a city water purification system usually involves the process of
  1. filtering.
  2. distilling.
  3. dissolving.
  4. aerating.

Environmental Interactions

A student drills 10, 1 mm holes in the bottom of two equal size tin cans and fills each with an equal amount of two different kinds of soil. 100 mL of water is then poured into each can. What environmental factor is being studied?
  1. How moisture affects soil temperature.
  2. How soil type affects its moisture holding ability.
  3. How moisture affects the population of microscopic soil organisms.
  4. How water affects air spaces in the soil.
Which of the following abiotic events would have the most far-reaching effects?
  1. a thunderstorm
  2. an earthquake
  3. a volcanic eruption
  4. a tornado

Use the following information to answer questions # 36 - 39.

The following one meter squares were used to study dandelion populations in a schoolyard. Each black dot represents one dandelion plant.

If the portion of the schoolyard studied was 36 meters by 100 meters, what would be a reasonable estimate of the total dandelion population in that area?
  1. 15 000
  2. 25 000
  3. 35 000
  4. 45 000
A student sets up an aquarium with water, algae, plants anchored in gravel, snails, and fish. The aquarium represents a miniature
  1. community.
  2. ecosystem.
  3. biosphere.
  4. population.
Before European colonists settled in New Zealand, the Kea, a parrot-like bird lived by eating native fruits. After sheep were introduced onto the island, the Kea developed a taste for mutton, thus adding meat to its diet. Which statement below best describes the ecological change that took place?
  1. The bird changed from a herbivorous diet to a carnivorous one.
  2. The bird changed from a herbivorous diet to an omnivorous one.
  3. Sheep caused an organism to switch from being a predator to being a parasite.
  4. Mutton is a good source of protein for birds and other predators.

Energy & Machines

"She worked for three hours on the report." Which of the following is the correct scientific interpretation of the word work in the above sentence?
  1. It is used scientifically because a certain effort is implied.
  2. It is used scientifically because a unit of time is given.
  3. It is not used scientifically because no distance is covered.
  4. It is not used scientifically because no units of force are given.
Which of the following represents the energy conversions taking place when a wind-up toy car is put into motion?
  1. potential to mechanical to elastic
  2. kinetic to chemical to mechanical
  3. mechanical to kinetic to mechanical
  4. chemical to potential to mechanical
In a reducing gear system
  1. the driving gear has fewer teeth than the driven gear.
  2. both gears have the same number of teeth.
  3. the driving gear has more teeth than the driven gear.
  4. a gear train of two driving gears turns the driven gear.
A student records a force of 3.5 N to lift a block of wood straight up and a force of 3.1 N to pull the same block up a ramp. If she pulled the block up the ramp with a pulley what would be a correct prediction of the amount of force required?
  1. less than 3.1 N
  2. 3.5 N
  3. 6.6 N
  4. more than 6.6 N
To make a wheelbarrow more efficient the designer should decrease the
  1. amount of effort used.
  2. length of the handles.
  3. the amount of load that it can support.
  4. the distance between the load and the wheel.

Earth's Crust

Use the following key to answer questions # 21 - 25.

Three of the rock types belong to the same category. They are
  1. A, B, and C.
  2. B, C, and D.
  3. C, D, and E.
  4. A, D, and E.
The rock type with a very coarse texture is
  1. B.
  2. C.
  3. D.
  4. E
A volcanic cone made up of layers of ash and lava is of the type called
  1. conglomerate.
  2. composite.
  3. cinder.
  4. shield cone.
Earthquakes occur when large amounts of energy are released and spread out from a central point. This point within the Earth's crust where the energy first releases is called the
  1. epicentre.
  2. focus.
  3. fault
  4. fold.
Wegener is to continental drift as Smith is to ______________.
  1. fossils
  2. volcanoes
  3. synclines and anticlines
  4. earthquakes

Consumer Products

Which of the following is the most important consideration to keep in mind when one is buying a hockey helmet?
  1. colour
  2. size
  3. shape or style
  4. presence of a CSA sticker
Paint begins peeling on the hood of a one year old car. This is an example of
  1. accelerated aging.
  2. an uncaring manufacturer.
  3. poor or inefficient testing.
  4. a manufacturing flaw.
Suppose you are buying a new portable radio and have narrowed the choice down to two models which are about the same price. Which of the following characteristics can be scientifically tested as part of your decision as to which model to buy?
  1. Which one will be in style five years from now.
  2. Which one looks most attractive.
  3. Which one produces a sound more pleasing to the ear.
  4. Which one can produce the loudest sound.
Household cleaners often contain products that are corrosive and toxic. A safe alternative to these commercially produced cleaners is a solution of
  1. toothpaste and vegetable oil.
  2. sugar and natural spring water.
  3. car gasoline and water.
  4. baking soda and water.
If the Canadian Standards Association tests a new product and the tests fail, what would be the next step they would carry out?
  1. Send the item back to the manufacturer who would probably redesign it.
  2. Fine the manufacturer in a court of law.
  3. Forbid the manufacturer from making that product or anything similar to it.
  4. Redesign their test to ensure that it is accurate.

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