How To Order AskAway Test Item Banks

To order AskAway Ltd. (1994) diskettes you need to send a cheque or money order or provide a School Purchase Order Number (can be sent with an e-mail) to

AskAway, Ltd.
4001 A - 45 Ave
St. Paul, AB
T0A 3A2

Along with your method of payment we require your computer type and your word processor application type. For example, Word 97 (PC), Word 98 (Mac), Word Perfect 3.5 (Mac), Word Perfect 8 (PC), ClarisWorks 4.0 (Mac), AppleWorks 5.0 (Mac). We need this information to send you a useable data diskette.

We require a contact name and a school mailing address.

Each diskette is $50.00 + 5% shipping and handling + 7% GST.

Each diskette contains 400+ questions and has an answer key.

Should further assistance be required please e-mail your concern to

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