How To Use Our Test Item Banks?

Ask Away test items do not include read-write protection. Therefore, you, the registered user, can manipulate each test item. The question can be used "as is" or you may alter the question on your test or quiz to better suit your unique situation. (FOR YOUR CLASS USE ONLY!)

We provide the test bank items in a variety of word processing formats. We suggest that in order to make a new test or worksheet that the teacher NOT "cut" and "paste" each item. Instead, "open" a new word processing file. Then "copy" and "paste" the items you wish to appear on the test (or quiz) from the original file into the new word processing file. In this way the original test item file will not be altered. Any modifications to the test item can now be made on the duplicated test item without affecting the original. Once you have selected the questions you require for the test (or quiz), go to the beginning of your new test and renumber each selected question.

Word processor users will quickly see the benefits to this system of test construction. Should further assistance be required please e-mail your concern to

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